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Indian Hockey finally surprises itself!
After the corruption charges and change of leadership, India did well to finish second in the Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament ahead of arch rivals Pakistan. Although I hardly could get to see the matches was heartening to read the giant strides of Adrain Dsouza, my good freind Ashley's bro and India's daredevil goalkeeper.
Congrats! Adrain...if you read this...wishing you greater deeds for the future.

Moving on to a different stream altogether...saw a play after a of Naseerudin Shah's MOTLEY festival. This one was called"Ismat Apa ke naam" a collection of 3 stories written by Ismat something....way back in the '30s and '40s. The uniqueness of this play...was that it was simply a story telling session. But the manner in which the lead actors narrate the story to the audience makes the play enjoyable, inspite of the pre-independance setup stories and the high octane urdu dialect.
And the icing on the cake was meeting Naseer saab and Ratna Pathak Shah once again and getting to chat with them for a decent time :)
As Dhivya said recently, there isnt much on the entertainment plate these days...with the IPL murdering all TV shows around..esp. the exciting Paanchi Pass..err..Fail. SRK I felt was much much lively and rejuvinated as compared to his previous experience in KBC 2 or 3. But unfortunately...poor timing and a direct competition with IPL has hurt Paanchvi Pass a big way.

So, its now the final leg of the MBA chapter...another 20 days and corporate life is waiting to suck my soul. NITIE was an awesome pitstop in this journey called life...and Im getting a bit nostalgic so, the next post will surely be on my days at NITIE.


Ashley said...

Hey Atlee, I was expecting more insight into your discussion with Naseer saab. Words from such repectable people of the Indian society are always good to hear and learn from. As for your NITIE days, I know we all would be expecting lot of funny incidents, written in a very suave manner and humorous to the hilt!!! After the Project write up the expectations have gone up my friend. I for one know you wont disapppoint us!!

Long Live Indian Hockey!!

AJ said...

you sure are a PR guy open a PR firm is where your heart belongs.. NITIE days written your style would really be great to read as I could relate more closely to them...
Great going..


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