Ajab Prem Ka Andaz Apna Apna: 4/5

The script of this movie must have been writing in the mid 90s. Raj Kumar Santoshi suddenly woke up one morning and realised that he had some story ready, but forgot that its almost 10 years old.

And that is what really makes the movie enjoyable. The movie is simple. Absolutely clean! No gay jokes, no double meaning and no sleaze. Simple humour, slapstick and foolish at most times, but with a heart.

Prem Kumar Sharma (Ranbir) is the 9th fail, useless kid of a dream town, whose job as President of happy Club is to help others along with his gang of guys. Together they waste a lot of audience time in the first 20 mins trying to mimic scenes taken from Indra Kumar kind of movie, or the bade-chote and bheegi billi jokes of NineX-m.

Enters Jenny (Katrina) and after a dose of emotional atyachaar, the movie settles down. From then on, its all about the usual rich girl - poor boy plot, with a third rich guy in the middle. How Prem Kumar wins his love is what the movie is all about.

But in between, there are enough moments which make you laugh...Be it the scene where Ranbir is dancing in the party, his stint as a shirt n tie clad laddoo maker, his antics with the goons or his day to day banter with his dad. Some scenes are so reminiscent to Andaz Apna Apna that it really looks like a tribute to the best comedy movie ever.

And the cinematography is commendable. Ooty and Goa never looked so good before. Also commendable is the song shot in Turkey.

Rajkumar Santoshi has come back to form...and with this movie, Ranbir is right there at the top.



Ritu said...

loved that one! complete slapstick with flavors of AAA! when Ranbir's dad repeats his senti dialogue!! ROFL!

Raghav R said...

Ranbir Kapoor can finally exorcise the deamons of his debut with this movie. Fab acting, this kid is going a long way. Katrina looks great & simple in every scene.For me, the cinematography was the scene stealer. Best.Set.Ever!

Anonymous said...


wsw said...

four stars? really?
it totally replaces AAA mad humor with kiddish-"jenny beautiful, jenny class, i no class" dumbness and katrina's i-am-a-barbie-girl is unbearable.

smilebank said...

nice work done

smilebank said...

keep it up nice work

Aboli said...

ru serious...???
i thought the movie sucked big time :P

neha2go said...

No Comments!!..


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