Scribblings for a change...

Finally caught up with the movie Johnny Gaddar.
Crisp and fastpaced, and as Vijit said...probably one of the best edited movies in recent times. I liked the reference to Parwana (the Amitabh flick) and the vintage Dharamendra shooting in english lingo "stop acting like a kid".

Im still reading Maximum City - Suketu Mehta's detailed version on the underworld, the dance bars, the cops...of Mumbai. Frankly, this book needs editing! Sriram Raghavan, please send ur editor to Suketu. But, must say..this book is an eye opener to me! To all the people in Mumbai, who have never visited a police station, never brushed a "bhai" the wrong side.

Its finally some movies calling! Probably Bhootnath..the star cast luring me to the booking office. There is "Jannat" releasing as well, but Emran Hashmi flicks! on the big screen! Naay! They are best as late night movies on Zee Cinema.

And once I have finished off with my usual gala time...I wl have to pick up the books or the ppts of Advance Supply Chain Management once again!!!


Hey I liked the movie JG too and i so feel that Neil Nitin Mukesh deserved the best new comer award ... defn not Ranbir .. and songs of the movie were rocking too ..
and ya the reference to Parwana was cool ... it was after this movie that i decided to catch up on Parwana ... one of rare good Amitabh movies i had not seen :)

the book Maximum city was a good read but it does tend to drag a bit ... thoda movie industry ke baare main jyada and bar dancer ke baare main thoda kum likhane chaiye tha :)

Anuj Bansal said...

Who is the bigger Gaddar:
Johnny aur Limje ???

Ashley said...

Yes, dude... keep trying 2 convince to watch that Gaddar stuff.. i wont budge man...
btw, ur honeymoon period makes me jealous man.... [:)]
kidding bro.. have a nice time.. enjoi life and gr8 week ahead..

Yuvraj said...

There is more in the book which Penguine office has already edited. It was a manuscript before printing. What we need is unsensored version of MaxCT. Anyways is a great book.


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