Dostana: 3.5/5

DOSTANA : "Straight" to the point

Maa ka Laadla vigad gaya!
Maa ka laadla vigad gaya!
Abhishek Bacchan sach main vigad gaya... Ash wud seriously have doubts on AB's "straight"forwardness after this movie. Always a "director's actor" AB has once again proved that he can fit into his character as easily as Yuvraj Singh fits into the ODI team.

A Karan Johar movie always has a freshness in its humor, and Dostana had more than its share of laughs.
Foolo Fhalo...Foolo Fhalo...Khair Chodo...was terrific. The nurse jokes on Abishek, although cliched were enacted with such natural charm that everytime you laughed at him. The usual banter between Kunal(John), Sam(AB) and Neha(PiggyChops) had the typical Karan Johar stamp mixed with subtle humor and witty one liners.

There was the exact dosage of romance and mush...Sam wooing Neha with a photo album or Kunal enacting the KKHH scene are the highlights of the movie. Although AB is clearly better at romance than John. The music complemented the mood of the film with songs for every genre.

Infact as my friend pointed out...probably the 1st movie which inspite of being shot abroad, does not boast of great cinematography. It sticks to its characters all through, while the Miami landscape remains in the background.

However, the movie fails on just one count. Its below the belt gay jokes...and to top it all, the kiss of death! Easily could have avoided the Boman Irani part and some of the gay frames and the movie would have truly been memorable.

Piggy Chops is terrific! No two ways about it...She looks ravishing throughout and there is not a single scene where her costumes, hair, makeup etc look out of place. Bobby Deol, Kirron Kher, Boman Irani, Sushmita Mukherjee(the irritating aunt) all complement the proceedings along the way. John tries his best to pace up with AB in the acting department but alas he seems to only have workd on his 6-pack abs. However, AB steals the show. The humor, the gay-act, the mush department or his proposal scene with Priyanka, he is in top form.

Debutant director Tarun has started off in fine form with mentor Karan Johar. Lets hope this dostana is "straight" in real life as well.


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