U me and Match

Not in a mood to write a full length review. Coz, I just read Nikhat Kazmi's review in TOI and felt i would have written, very much the same.
Just a few thoughts...
Although the movie hovers around the Hollywood concepts used in Notebook and A Beautiful Mind (in certain scenes for sure), there is an Indianness in the relationship between Ajay and Kajol. Decent support staff (Sumeet Raghvan, Divya Dutta, Sachin Khedekar) keep the movie moving. It reminds you of RGV esp. in the top view and bottom up camera angles.The music is dissapointing except the title track. Ajay Devgan's effort to break the audience emotionally and Kajol's superlative performance help the movie break even from the false start of the 1st half.

Turned out to be more than a few thoughts.

I'll leave with my rating : ***

Well, its not been a great day for me on the cricket field.
Scored a duck and bowled terribly. Yet, we managed to win the league game.
So, criticisms are invited ;)


Batty said...

One more thing worth mentioning is a practical handling of the subject. As in he firsts admits her in the hospital and then gets her back...good sequences... took a lot of tissues... :)

And even the best cricket players go through a rough patch...dont worry...

killi said...

I think its the other way.. even the worst of cricket players perform well on an odd day.. as it happened last week :-) :-)


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