Mere desh ki dharti

Jo Sikander Hi Dosto...kehlaata hai...
haari baazi ko jeetna hume aata hai...
niklenge maidaan main jis din hum jhoom ke..
dharti bolegi..

Picture this...Its not Amir khan in his Model School outfit cycling on his racer bike.

Its me... riding my cycle in the streets of Berhampore, North Bengal, travelling on my route meeting retailers and trying to sell Bingo!.

So,life has turned upside down in the last 1 month!

Well pretty much!
I used to spend 200 bucks on my dinners at NH-1, Maharaja with the Jajoos and the battys...nowadays my meals cost me single digit!

Atlee: Dada (the usual bhaisaab or bhai in Mumbai is now dada in bangla)
Dukaanwala is sitting on the road, a woman is busy making hot rotis, while this guy takes care of the front end.
Dukaanwala: haan, ki holo
Atlee: 4 roti aur sabzi milega
Dukaanwala: milega na...thoda rukna padega...line hai
Atlee: theek hai....
after 10 turn comes and the guy packs everything and gives me a plastic bag
Atlee: kitna hua...(opening the wallet to remove a 50)
Dukaanwala: 6 rupya
Atlee: KYAAA

Im sure, after reading this conv. our Finance Minister will feel really glad that atleast inflation hasnt hit some part of India as yet.

I was travelling to a village in a van. It was a TATA 407, 32 years old and really old..but puffing its way into the tiny streets. As we sat in the vehicle, me sandwiched between the driver and the salesman with the gear hitting me at the wrong places....the vehicle suddenly came to an abrupt halt. How would a driver start a vehicle?
9/10 times using the key! But this was the 10th time....
He pulled two wires out...striking them onto one another, once...twice...thrice...and grrr..grrr.....
I had seen Amitabh bachchan do that in movies and I thought it was such a farce!


SRK in swades fighting hard for space and air in that crowded train! remember...
Well, i aint SRK...and what more, I didnt even get a seat. After a while, i decided to immerse myself into my headphones with some soothing Bollywood music. However, another voice screeched into my headphones!
Whats wrong with them...I murmured...
Nay...Its not my headphone...its another song being played...
Dilbar mere...kab tak mujhee...aise hi tadpaaogee.....
Ohh...Some RD burman fan here....
I took the headphones off...and was startled to see a huge speaker in my compartment. And to my amazement, the song was not played..there was a guy who was singing it.
WAAAW!! The guy...had a karaoke arrangement...with music coming from the tape...and he taking care of the singing department.

After a while a 4 feet tall kid enters the already suffocating compartment.

"jagah do...jagah do..." he made some free space for himself.

My eyes were fixed on him...what is he upto?

Some more in the comaprtment gave his the attention he demanded.

Time for action.




"Jhalak Dikhlaaja...Jhalak Diklaaja...Ek bar aaja aaja aaja aaja aaajaa.."

Now this kid goes one step ahead...he not only sings the song...but also dances like Emran hashmi...probably was better than him...only that the poor kid cud not kiss any girl around....

I was pretty much laughing and enjoying this impromtu DJ in the train...I gave his 2 bucks for his performance...which was viewed with scorn by my co-passengers.


Abbas...Jaane tune kitna pakaaayaa

Jaane tu Ya jaane na. 1.5/5

Abbas Tyrewala ko maan gaya! Usne Aamir Khan ki aankhon main dhool jhaunka.
Aamir Khan ne to public ki aankhon main dhool jhaunka!
Why on earth did Abbas Tyrewala do a Chalte Chalte rip off by making the ever so charged friends narrate a story about the hero-heroine. Not only are they poor at story telling, worse…they reenter into the plot at the wrong times…with their wrong expressions and one of them had a “Halls-Ad model” voice. Already getting irritating.

Moving ahead into the story…We are introduced to Jai and whats the females name…oh ya the famous Aditi. The songs had a great impact in pulling the audiences in the theatre, but it lost all zing when the picturization of Aditi is not over some serious senti stuff. Its over the death of a cat!! Meow meow black sheep!! (wat im I writing)!

And back to back there is a strange video picturizing the song…aadha glass aadha khaali. So, two good songs wasted.
The movie slowly moves as the entire cast n crew wants Jai and Aditi to get married, and they do not love each other. So, they decide to find soulmates for each other. And after finding them there is a twist in the tale, which is so easy to guess. Only the Pappu Song keeps the momentum going…

Abbas Tyrewala took great pains in sketching the characters of Jai and Aditi. Clearly, Jai is a nice guy, doesn’t fight , has a great sense of humor, knows how to keep his friends, his girlfriend and his mom happy all the time. Aditi, is also a very sweet girl, with a terrible accent. But everyone else in their group has landed from Mars. Or for that matter, even their respective partners. Meghna was supposedly very cute till the interval, but she is found to have a very irritating “whats this” problem in addition to eccentric parents. While, Aditi’s fiancĂ© is a cutout of Dil Chahta Hai’s Ayub Khan (preity Zinta’s fiancĂ©). So, that means the best friend couple will dump their partners and find love in the most filmy manner…the airport climax!

The movie has a complete portion of Paresh Rawal and the 3 rules of Rajputania stuff which could have been chopped off at the editing table. However, Sohail and Arbaaz Khan are bearable, especially Sohail. He seems to enjoy this kind of a cameo after his Salaam-e-Ishq act. Ratna Pathak as Jai’s mom is gracious. She is going to give the filmy mommies a run for their money. And the portrait Naseer is good inspite of the small window. But there are only a couple of take aways from the acting department. Imran Khan, clearly has Amir Khan’s charm and boy next door image and has carried the film nicely. But it’s the prodigal son of Smita Patil who looks like the star of tomorrow. Watch out for him!


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