My All Time Favorite Series

This song is special...for a lot of reasons.
The music is so refreshing...the drum beats, the guitar too western, the melody typical soothing Jatin-Lalit. The movie was a big FLOP, but the song lasted...lasted years...but not many knew about it...till DJ Suketu turned it into the new romantic mantra.
See the music video....
One of my all-time favorite tracks.


neha2go said...

Not many knew but a lot claim to have known it back then. I have very distinct memory of this song. I was a school going, oiled hair, plaited 2 pony tails, worrying about the days home work kinda lil school girl in 3rd or 4th standard and I remember running to my neighbours house on our 3rd floor chawl housing system to listen to this song playing constantly on her radio. Also the other song that I liked used to play on and off "Tum hi hamari ho manzil my love" but not as much as this legendary number. Listening to this song with the rain drops playing a rhythm of its own in the background on the veranda roof is an experience I could kill for, especially now when in US. This "name not worthy of mentioning" movie had just released. I dont know what pulled me to the amazing melody even then? I guess some people are born with the love and eye for good Indian film music :D.

Ashley said...

this is a kewl song... really love the lyrics....
thx for the post on ur blog!!

Anonymous said...

yea nice song dude..the remix is damn fine..

Archana said...

I was in my final year of college the yr this movie was released.And we all fell for this number. it was a huge fact,it had become like an anthem for all those in love. And it played cupid to those aspiring to.It became the easiest way to convey ur feelings across.and it rarely went to waste.i remember, a friend played this song over the phone to the girl he adored and won her over.
It brought many an estranged couples back together too.such was it's power,it's charm,it's beauty.

The song has a certain freshness to it,even today; it leaves you starry-eyed and it makes u want to say all those things to ur sweetheart one more time.
Thx Atul.

P.S. for the records,neha,u guys were in the 5th class when this movie was released.

The song Rocks , the movie .. thank god never seen it ... and wouldnt dare see it
Frankly I began enjoying this song after listening to Sukteu's remix ... and same was the case for "Kehe do tumhe" .. didnt know Deewar has a song or for that matter even Sashi Kapoor :D , except when he says "mere paas rajma hia" .. dude u should do a blog entry for Big B movies .. that would rock

Java said...

I simply had to return your favor by spending some time on your blog. Very neat blog with a lot of hard work put in! I wish I were more into movies myself to appreciate better. I'll come back to check on any Hindi music specific posts.

BTW, thanks for so much as counting how many Jatin Lalit songs I had on that particular post. I hadn't thought of that. Yes, "Aur Kya" and "Mujhe Raat Din" are also high among my list of favorite songs.. just taking the slow and natural approach before they show up on my blog.



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