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Hindi music , or rather Bollywood music has dipped over the years. From the era of live music with 100 musicians playing the violin in symphony to the electronic 8 piece beat, music has surely lost its heart. Songs have turned cacophonous much to the dismay of the elder generation and slowly to the youth ( of which I belong to :) as well).

But there are some songs which rekindle the faith in music that is close to the heart, composed with the earnest and honest approach. The first part of the year 2007 was full of HR (Himesh R) and his nasal antics. Namaste London, Aap ka Suroor with their in your face music. But in between we heard a Metro, Saawaria, Khoya Khoya Chand, Jab we met and somehow good music prevailed.

Here is a compilation of my favorite songs of the year.
havent numbered them as yet.

Life In A Metro: In Dino
Music: Pritam

The concept of using songs was very innovative in the movie. Pritam, james and Soham in the background and complementing the film situation with a soft rock composition.
The initial guitar work passes the mometum to Soham crooning "Hai tujhe bhi izaajat...karle tu bhi muhabat" as the screen shows a hesitant Shilpa Shetty trying to establish a relationship with Shiney Ahuja.
The song takes a classical turn in the middle of the 1st stanza. Clearly classical fusion with rock takes the song to a new level altogether.

Chak De India: badal pe paaun hai
Music: Salim-Suleman

This song may not be as popular as the jingoistic anthem of the year, chak de...but is as effective without the heavy beats around it.
Hema sardesai makes a strong comeback, I dunno if she was singing regularly before this number, but her silky voice makes the song flow smooth. Salim Suleman have used the drum beats effectively to increase the pace of the song. The lyrics are good but not terrific. But its the melody that makes this song long lasting. Perhaps a little more publicity might have helped.

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom: Bol na halke halke
Music: S-E-L

Rahat Ali Khan, is such a nice find for Bollywood. This sweet flowing number is the only calming influence in an album marred by loud volume. Gulzar saab pens the lyrics which as usual have a cryptic effect. The music with the heavy influence of tabla, santoor and later guitar comes in, very nice use of instruments, which is hardly seen in tdays movies.

The lyrics are very very fresh, and expect Gulzar to come up with a new analogy to describe love. "Kiasa lage jo..chupp chaap dono...pal pal main poori sadiyaa bita de" aadab arz hai Gulzaar saab. The only sad part was the picturisation which turned out to be adream sequence leaving no chemistry between the actors.

Salaam E Ishq: Yaa Rabba
Music: S-E-L

Ona roll this year, however they have been unlucky as their movies have failed to win the box office. But S-E-Ishq had a complete package of songs. Shaadi numbers, romantic, and this sad one. Moreover, kailash kher's rendition gives it a mourning feel. A nice effort.

Saawaria: doli Main bithaake
Music: Monty Sharma

Clearly the guitar piece in the beginning wins half the battle. A new voice comes in thereafter and melody thats so special in Bhansali films. There is the ooodleeii a la Kishore as well... Somuch happening in the first 2 minutes of a debut album. And there is cresendo...teri pehli nazar ka dewaaaanaaa banaaa....aewsome singer as well...And there is a Saawaria reprise as well...and Shail hada does shake some boundaries singing that one.

The movie might have bombed, but the songs will last! On another day, I may have picked Shaan's Jab se tere naina...but this one noses ahead.

Om Shaanti Om: Deewangee
Music: Vishal Shekhar

This one has more to do with the video than the song. King Khan dancing with the stars of Bollywood and in their own styles is a treat to watch. I almost learnt dancing this way :) and so did a good friend of mine who will surely visit my blog.

The song looks like to fine tuned according to the shot, which is there is unnecessary music , but the beauty of the song is inspite of all this ione will stand up and reach the dance floor. Saif Sunjay Sallu and SRK in one frame. Another cute moment is the Govinda SRK jig and SRK's imitations of Urmila and Shilpa. Way to go King Khan.

Om Shaanti Om: Kaise Nainon se Nain
Music: Vishal Shekhar

Again, OSO rocks once again for its picturisation. Deepika dancing with Sunil Dutt saab, Jeetu and SRK nice crafted with excellent special effects. The song is recreated by Pyarelalji of the famous LP jodi. Abhijeet gets his turn under the mike after a long time as well. The song is a nice medley of classical and 70s rock Elvis style. Also the tune to get the DhalGaya Din is rocking as well.

Taare Zameen Par: Maa
Music: S-E-L

S-E-L are the most versatile MDs this year. They gave a JBJ and Jhony Gaddar, with pure dance tracks and then came taare zameen par with such soft touching numbers.

The first hearing of this song bought tears halfway through the song. While watching the movie with the picturisation, it took under 5 secs to get wet eyed. Prasoon Joshi in the last few years has been writing some awesome poetry, Rang de Basanti, Fana and now TZP.

And Shankar singing this song for a child. He almost became a child singing this one. You always had sad songs when u missed your girlfriend. This one is for your mom.

Jab We Met: Aaoge Jab Tum
Music: Sandesh Shandilya

I usually like the least poular song of the movie, and this is no different. There was a Tum se Hi, Muaja hi Mauja...but this one stuck. The song starts like a rip off of Piya Basanti...another of Sandesh's classics. Sandesh has given songs like Suraj hua madham, Piya basanti, Chameli, Socha Na Tha and this guest composition here.

The picturisation is so unique. The song narrates the journey of Kareena after their departure in Manali. Very creative way of going flashback.
The music is so easy to the ears, with the soothing flute and the classical touch of Ustad.
The lyrics...another high point of the song.

Naino pe hum dil haare hain
Anjaane yeh tere naino ne...waade kiye kayi saare hain....

Khoya Khoya Chand: O re Paakhi
Music: Shantanu Moitra

Shantanu Moitra has composed for 3 movies now which are based in the '60s and '70s. And he is a pro at delivering the classics like Shankar jaikishen or SD Burman da.

O Re Paakhi, starts slow...real slow...just a piano beat heren there..Sonu Nigam starts to humm...but holds on...not gaining momemtum...4-5 lines and the song is still lying low. And then, the song changes course...
Is deewane dil ne bhi...julm yeh kya gajab diya
beintaha tha jinse pyaar beintaha unhe ghum diya

Totally unexpected..the song delivers the punching blow.
Swanand Kirkire the lyricist has delivered the ultimate punch here.
Sonu goes from strength to strength, also the music remains in the shadow with only the piano murmuring along.

Song of the year!


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