Rocket Singh: Refreshing approach to sales- 4/5

"I want to do my MBA because I want to get into sales and marketing" I once said. I wish Rcket Singh had released then. I might have gone ahead and become a businessman.

Jaideep Saini and Shimit Amin combo strikes yet again to provide entertainment, values and at the same time attempt to make the world, if not world, India, a better place.

Harpreet Singh (Ranbir) decided to apply for the job of a salesman. He thinks he is good at all that the job needs. - Persuation, Negotiation and Conviction...I think those were the 3 terms...however, little does he realise that sales is all about gochi, dealings, kickbacks and what not. After getting ridiculed by colleagues and superiors, Harpreet decides to do something different, yet earnest.

The movie is real to the core. The sales team remind me of my colleagues. The clients, the dealings or the day to day office banter is so perfect in its execution that one really is awestruck. Moreover, the script is deliberately intelligent, forcing the audience to bridge the links themselves, rather than force a flashback or an explanation of each such scene. And I will admit, you really need some amount of business acumen to understand how Harpreet or his bosses mind works.

But, where the movie scores like Chak De India or Khosla ka Ghosla is its honesty. So, at the end of the movie, you come out with a feeling that I will try to change my world in some way. I have decided mine already.

There are amazing one liners in this movie, both comic as well as philosophical...I really loved the line "waise bhi maine kisi sardar ko chori karte hue nahi dekha" shows how you can be racist and also get applauded for the same. The script is the real hero of the movie. The other aspects, cinematography, the music are just catalysts, which frankly do not matter in the final outcome of this product.

Next, lets go to the casting, which is accurate to the tee. Harpreet's immediate boss Nitin Sir (Navin Kishore) , the colleagues- the gult honeka Giri ( D Santosh) or the item girl turned office manager Gauhar Khan provide amble support to Harpreet's ideas as to the film. Although debutante Shazahn Padamsee is okie and has little to do. Even the usually histrionics certified Prem Chopra is respectable.

And Harpreet aka Ranbir. My admiration for him as an actor has grown tremendously in his last 3 movies. With Wake Up Sid and Ajab Gajab and now Rocket Singh, no wonder his fortunes have sky rocketed.

Shimit Amin and Jaideep Sahni. I think its time to do serious research on these two gems of Bollywood.

"Risk to Spiderman bhi leta hai, main to sirf salesman hun"
Bhaut mast risk liya boss, because this risk is going to ensure Yash Raj finally goes to the bank to count the money.


Unknown said...

Heyyy... you are biased towards the movie cos it talks about the profession so close to your heart....

will validate if the review is correct or not... wait for it...
till the weekend .. :)

Shreyas said...

finally atlee has written a perfect review (after APKGK).
good 1 dude.

But, I am still a bigger movie buff than you :)

Unknown said...

kuch bhi...dont agree with u..just becoz u identify with some dumb sales person who is a loser ;) :D
i thot the movie cudnt maintain its pace and just let down in the end by the feel good factor thing...

expected more from the chake de duo

Sai said...

Totally agree...Movie of the year mere liye.... humne bhi post kiya hai ispe

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

overrated movie..altho they try to show the spirit of entrepreneurship, it comes out more like misrepresentation aka robbing the real co!

neha2go said...

I love Ranbir as an actor..he is spontaneous and very convincing in all his roles..It remains to see if the script can back him. His scripts have failed him in all movies except Bachna and Wake up Sid. Looking forward to watching this one.


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