My moments.

Some movies are remembered for those moments which light up the screen.

The chemistry between the actors, the screenplay, the dialogues fit in magically into a world where we smile, cry, laugh all in that moment of madness. Probably thats waht makes me love Bollywood movies. I thought , lets put up some of those scenes together. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:
The scene where Rahul(SRK) and Anjali (Kajol ) meet after 8 years. Sheer magic. No words, no dialogues, just sheer eye to eye contact. The brilliance of the scene is in maintaining a subtlety.

Jab We Met:
 We have been subjected to Bollywood movies in the past where the heroine kisses the hero and starts crying and sprints away from the scene. The guy is left thinking as to what did I do wrong! 
However in jab we met, there is this intimate scene between Shahid and Kareena. And the next moment, Shahid says " Theek hai yaar...hota hai". Very nicely done.

Also, the picturization of the song "Aaoge jab tum o sajna" is brilliant. The entire episode of kareena is briefed to the audience in the song, without unnecessary drama or rona-dhona.

Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi:
One movie which doesnt depend on one scene to leave a lasting impression. I cant think of any 1 standout scene. The entire movie was like ..awesome. However, Sudhir Mishra (the director) kept the best for the last...when the mentally retarted Shiney writes "I love geeta" on the rock.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa:
SRK's "first class main pass" party to the Goan neighbours. The scolding from the "Tum Nahi karneko saka" father Naseerudin Shah...his confession to his parents. I cried when I was a kid on this scene. And the icing on the cake is Goga kapoor who arrives in the end as says "yeh dekh brother..apun tere liye usse bhi accha marksheet laaya hai"  

Yes Boss:
In the song Main koi Aisa Geet...listen to that line..."Ya main karun..tumse raja se rani milenge kahan kahan"

I guess, the expressions on his face say it all.

Amir Khan was so brilliant in this movie. ACP Ajay Singh Rathod.
ACP: Kyu Thakur tereko kitni baar bulaaya tu aata nahi hai
Thakur: kon hai be tu
ACP: pehchaana nahi...

or the blasting he gives his team after their goofup at the traffic junction.

Amir: do minute main kya ho sakta hai...tumhara transfer ho sakta hai...aur aisi jagah jahan paan to kya...paani tak bhi naseeb na ho!!

I believe, Amitabh and Rekha in this movie were the best on-screen pair(maybe offscreen too, at that time). The screen sizzles everytime their eyes meet. Although I do not remember much about the movie, the scene where they meet in some exhibition is top class.

The 25 paise ka paani lelo...25paise ka paani lelo...scene
It haunted me during my entire Bengal trip.

Andaz Apna Apna:
I'll write a separate blog on this movie later.



Ritu said...

nice ones...all me favs except yes Boss one...gotto catch up with these movies now...:)

but m still trying to figure out the "inspiration"...! ;)

vij said...

Dude..awesome movies - but u missd 1 - kabhi kabhi - remembr d scene in wch rakhi interviews amitabh or d scene bet Amitabh n Shahshi Kapoor whr former says - aap hame samajh nahi paye.........1 of d bst scenes in Indian cinema.......newys gud work :)

dhiv said...

A wednesday : After Naseer has identified himself as a common man,he says :Ab aap ki jaan main jaan aayi hogi, soch rahe honge isko to pakad lenge or something to that effect to Anupam Kher.

Das Vidanyan:When Amar Kaul finally tells Neha he loves her through dumb charades and then stops her from hugging him.

anDY said...

baaki sab toh thik hai par saale tereko kitni baar bola ki 'The scene in KKHH was pure lust'

Batty said...

The Yes Boss one is on the top of my list....infact the entire movie...unpretentious and so simple....too much realism or candyfloss in today's movies... :((

- batty

wsw said...

ur tagged!

PiBi said...

great compilation
i especially liked this one from OSO where one of those sidey guys has been paid to praise SRK and he keeps going on with:
"Wah kya acting hai, Wah kya acting hai!"

anupam said...

waah mere dost mere bhai atlee...kya compilation hai...kabhi haan kabhi quite close to my heart for the sheer simplicity of emotions and innocent characters...n for the romantic lines like " Dil sey laga karke rakha hai ab tak resham ka tera roomal" n " toota sitara to maanga tha rab sey tujhko hi jaaney wafa"...shabbash once again :-)

Atlee, sorry to say but you extremely biased when it comes to SRK movies and he cant even act to save his own Life. Also you mentioned some romantic scenes aka Seer Dard Hota Hai (KKHH) and Jab we wasted 11$ (Jab we met), but did not mention the Greatest Silent Untold Love Story even in the history of hindi cinema, Jai and Radha , esp the scene that takes place during dusk, the sun is just setting and Jai is creating that awesome music on his mouth organ and Radha comes out and douses the lanterns one by one by one .... Now thats what i call a First Class scene.

And dont even get me started on the movies of the 70s, the best decade for indian cinema.

About time you move on from SRK to actors who can actually ACT. Sorry but this is probably your worst post ever, but then again everyone is entitled to his opinion.

neha2go said...

Sunny's comment was quite blatantly personal...and he as always feels the world should love AB like you love guys should grow up..and stop fighting about their acting skills!!. Good post..The movie choice is very close to what I would have come up with myself..scenes will differ in most cases i feel :)

Rituja said...

One more from my side
The scene from KKHH when Sharukh tells Kajol that he loves Rani...
The expression on Kajol's face are truly amazing. There are no words but you can see the pain in her eyes.

Akshat said...

hey.. Proves that you are the quentessial bollywood man

gauri said...

Enjoyed the post...
Nice !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Atlee...this is Pinak..I am not into blogging but bollywood is something that I cudn't stop myself reading this one...and also all the comments to the post...agree, the bias for SRK is evident and there are ppl who do not concur but mate - I am totally with you...the KKHH scene, the KHKN scene are awesome and your list does pic few of the best ever scenes of SRK and Aamir...Good job buddy!!

Kakkey!! said...

Dude.. How abt ur favorite characters from hindi movies??

Hemanth said...

How many comments of these have u begged for? :D

atlee said...

@Vij: Havent seen much of Kabhi Kabhi.

@Andy: tu kabhi nahi sudhrega na

@Kake: fav. characters...will do something on that too later

@Hemu: Well, 3-4 of them definitely :D

sunilsjs said...

very nice post Atlee!! i haven't seen Silsila but baaki sab scenes made the same impact on me too. Also to add some more to the list: -

Jo Jeeta wohi sikander - the fight scene between Aamir khan and Deepak Tijori's friends at night and then his elder brother jumping in.

Hum - this is one of the best masala movies of all time

Mohabattein - This was such a disgusting scene that I remember it for all the wrong reasons - when Shahrukh khan tells his story about how he proposed to Aish by writing poetry or something on a leaf and then everybody saluting him (give me a break!)...i vomited after that scene ;)

bhawna said...

i came here thru' a random URL but loved this post of urs.. specifically agree on the Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi bit, specially the scene when Geeta leaves Shiney's home to meet KK, and Shiney starts to dance. One of the others to add is when Rekha and Jaya meet in Silsila.


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