Watching Class of '84, I was reflecting on my friends so far.
In this existence of 26 years and a few months, I have chalked up around 410 odd friends on orkut, If that was some barometer.
However, how many friends can you really bank on. How many friends will actually stand by you in the need of the hour.
Difficult to answer.
Today everyone is busy, ppl stay in the same city, yet meet once a year. They have no clue wats goin on in a freinds life. But life goes on.
I usually had no difficulty spending a weekend, coz always had "friends" around me for some movie/play/beach/mall outing. However, one weekend, when my NITIE friends were enjoying home food during vacations, I found it making a saturdya plan almost as difficult as I find riding a bike or swimming.
Called up a few mates, they were busy with work.
Somehad plans already arranged, some I wasnt in contact for a loong time to really ask.
So, the saturday went in vain.

The situation is NITIE is quite different. You knw 150 people if you network really well. Yet,
the situaiton is really strange. You have groups. Of around 8-10 ppl. Its not as if you dont know the rest. But, once you belong to a group, you are stuck with them, quite literally. Youhave to hang out with them, eat, dine drink and gossip with the same set of friends. Trust me it gets to my nerves at times. Living with the same set of ppl for 18 months and knowing them inside out is cool, but talking the same nonsense, the same jokes, the same potshots is uncool.

Sometimes, I wished to talk to others, hang out with them, learn more about them (obviously ppl from the opposite sex is always a bonus). But, its back to the same friends.

But I guesss, each one is different in nature. Some people fear new acquaintances, they want the same faces around them, they do not like mingling with others as much. Each is right in his own way.

Coming back to my weekend plan which went astray, I was left wondering looking at my orkut homepage, 410 friends! What use! If i cant get one of them, to spend some fun time with.

It really doesnt help, that distance is also a factor. But that cant be an excuse. Im working on ensuring I have something to do on weekends.

So, its branching out from the usual fun arenas- movies. So, wehave caught up on plays (its a social thing as well. "ohh did u catch up on Alique padamsee's latest". Quite a Status symbol these days), or the latest kala ghoda festival. Its was pathetic , nothing different than the usual Republic Day mela with Giant Wheels and merrry Go Rounds in my colony years ago. But its a status symbol. I tried my hand at discs as well.

Never a dancer, always dveloped 3 feet whle dancing, suddenly I developed an urge to improve my dancing CV. I still think Im terrible, 1/10, and with alcohol, 4/10. So, we nowadays have a few Dj friends who spam my SMSs with party passses at Engima, Poison etc. And then the search begins at 4pm. To help us get couple entry. Each attempt is a failure. After a few denials and a few hangups, we , we asin (jajoo , me and Chiru), decide to go in on stag entry next time. However, our wallets pinch us hard and we stick to the night mess.

Next , is the IPL which should catch on big time as an entertainment option. Hopefully, if the ticket rates are reasonable, im sure we will find a permanent solution to organising a weeknd plan.
I hope the Ambanis, SRK, Priety Zinta are reading this.


d_grail said...

right said fred :)

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killi said...

plz add me as well to the list of stags :-)

Raghav said...

yea..faced it..grpism does plague us..but see that at an arms distance..!

Hemanth said...

I dont agree with you totally. I think its incorrect to say that you have to hangout with the same set of friends. It always depends on the person and I am sure you have been way ahead of making a lot of contacts at NITIE than us.

As for the weekends, I am as clueless as you are, but probably reading an interestin book is a good idea. May be you can give it a try !!!

Butterfly said...

Hey Atul..I dont agree wid u..I hav always stayed away from groupism but still maintained relationship with people whom I really Groupism or's our choice..and there are benefits of d group s well along wid d claustrophobic feeling..d actual issue is most of us hav lost or curb d innocence of befriending a new person or a known stranger in d fear of acceptance or mockery..but its actually very easy..i agree wid hemanth books can become yr best friend..

delnaaz said...
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delnaaz said...

wat happened to me being ur date??? ;)

Anonymous said...

i think confining ourselves to our set " cubicle " of friends arises because we form a biased, pre-decided opinion about some one else..For example, one of a very good friend of mine , is the most decent & helpful guy whom i've ever met..and maybe, u'll also feel the same when u meet him...
However, girls, and some guys too have a pre-determined opinion of him being an eve-teaser, drunkard and an assh**e, when the guy has helped them whenever they've asked for it..hence, he is isolated and often feels lonely [ u know him well though :) ] and it adds insult to the fact that many of those guys are mean , and have cheated others behind their backs; yet they are respected by everyone , in spite of having full knowledge of their " activities ".
atlee, my only suggestion would be - don't confine to such " cubicles ".

neha2go said...

I love to go back to this post of your..its nice..opinions very personal..but nonetheless a refreshing read :)...keep writing


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