Chapter 1 - Duckworth/Lewis were almost history

ar Cast: Me, Andy, Sid and Nimit

Year: 2002-03


Nimit: Mr Nimit Patel, NRI, gujju, with one foot already in the US of A. Dedicated and hardworking, he was the tech guru.

Andy: Big fella, andar se fattu, totally confused chap, and never on time. Always talking abt some shitty TV actor from his Lokhandwala camp.

Sid: Vasai ka gunda kon...horrible speech...nobody could understand wat he spoke, but tremendous analytical ability. Always absent for meetings.

Me: Could only talk about the project, never wrote a piece of code. Once wrote one line and wasted 1 hour trying to compile, error being the ";"

The story begins with the project inception:

This group was accidently formed, I dunno how...

Initially we wanted to work on some independant project. So we were thinking of changing the dynamics of the IT industry, unfortunaltely apart from Nimit, the others only knew how to code the addition of 2 numbers, tht to in BASIC language.

We finally zeroed on one project.

Changing the controversial Duckworth-Lewis method of cricket!!!

Why wake poor D/L from their graves now!

Andy: We are all interested in cricket. Lets do something interesting. We will surely enjoy doing it.

Nimit: But what

Me: I have an idea, how about a s/w for post match analysis.

Sid: accha to hai...aurkya kar sakte hai

Andy: D/L method

ME: What D/L method

Andy: It must be modified. First of all its confusing, aam junta doesnt understand, players dont understand, and its unfair.

Nimit: So, whats your plan

Andy: Lets make a S/W which considers the immaculate details of the game. The weather conditions, the pitch conditions other than the target score in deciding the revised target.

Me: wow! great plan...lets understand the D/L method first.

Great plan! Ghanta great plan...For people who cant differentiate between a database and front end languages, S/W banayenge...nautanki saala, ghadi ghadi drama karte hai...

Ok, back to story

After finding the correct website for the D/L information with pen and paper in hand we tried to understand it correctly.

Sid: Abey yeh to sahi hai be! Matlab agar wickets kum gire, to team batting second ko jyaada faayda hai.

Andy: And your run rate need not be that high as well.

Nimit: Abey tum log D/L main khaamiya dhoondo, positives nahi

It resulted in some heated discussions firstly trying to understand it. And when cricket discussions get into the examples mode, then its all about the game, not the project we were supposed to work on

Nimit:"SA-ENG match main 4 overs deduct kiya tha...and 15 runs reduce kiya"

Sid: Kya khela tha Kallis. Darren Gough is g!@# m!@#$% thi...

Atlee: Aur fir next match main Donald ne rape kar diya Australia ka

After 15 mins of World Cup commentry we realise we were supposed to talk abt D/L.

No wonder we were clueless of what to do. We ended the meeting.
Time to watch a sad ODI between Ind and WI live on TV.

Apna Nimit, was this horribly optimistic Indian cricket fan, esp. when India would chase targets. A sample of his optimism:

Score: WI : 302 in 50 o.
IND: were something 200/3 and a couple of wickets fell.

Sid: Gaya saala yeh match
Nimit: Arre apna Yuvi hai na, bana dega

1 over baad Yuvi out!

Me: ben!@#$ , gaya tera Yuvi
Nimit: Arre dont worry Sodhi khelega

For those who do not know Sodhi, Retinder Singh Sodhi was a prodigal cricketer who along with Kaif n Yuvi was part of the U-15 team. he had last scored a 50 when he was 12 maybe.

Me: Nimit, tu dekh match, main jaa raha hun.
Sid: saala yeh Sachin ke wajah se hi hua sab, ch!@#$% jaise out ho gaya
Andy: Sachin ki kya galti be...century to maara , aur kya chiye

And Sodhi is gone!!! Bowled

Me: Nimit, abhi to chal thoda kaam karte hain
Nimit: Abey, abhi bhi chance hai yaar, Agarkar hai

This continued till No. 11 T Kumaran came to bat.


Going back live to our revolutionary D/L project,
after two more sessions of head banging in trying to understand the calculation, and discussing endless rain affected matches, we decided to shelve the project.
Nimit: shelve nahi, we will keep it on hold. 2-3 mahine baad fir se ek aur baar try karenge

Optimism bhi sharma jaata.

(Chapter 2 will be posted same time next week)
Till then good bye


Gaurav Shah said...

Waiting for the part 2 :) too hilarious man...nice work...keep it coming :))


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