My moments.

Some movies are remembered for those moments which light up the screen.

The chemistry between the actors, the screenplay, the dialogues fit in magically into a world where we smile, cry, laugh all in that moment of madness. Probably thats waht makes me love Bollywood movies. I thought , lets put up some of those scenes together. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai:
The scene where Rahul(SRK) and Anjali (Kajol ) meet after 8 years. Sheer magic. No words, no dialogues, just sheer eye to eye contact. The brilliance of the scene is in maintaining a subtlety.

Jab We Met:
 We have been subjected to Bollywood movies in the past where the heroine kisses the hero and starts crying and sprints away from the scene. The guy is left thinking as to what did I do wrong! 
However in jab we met, there is this intimate scene between Shahid and Kareena. And the next moment, Shahid says " Theek hai yaar...hota hai". Very nicely done.

Also, the picturization of the song "Aaoge jab tum o sajna" is brilliant. The entire episode of kareena is briefed to the audience in the song, without unnecessary drama or rona-dhona.

Hazaron Khwaishen Aisi:
One movie which doesnt depend on one scene to leave a lasting impression. I cant think of any 1 standout scene. The entire movie was like ..awesome. However, Sudhir Mishra (the director) kept the best for the last...when the mentally retarted Shiney writes "I love geeta" on the rock.

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa:
SRK's "first class main pass" party to the Goan neighbours. The scolding from the "Tum Nahi karneko saka" father Naseerudin Shah...his confession to his parents. I cried when I was a kid on this scene. And the icing on the cake is Goga kapoor who arrives in the end as says "yeh dekh brother..apun tere liye usse bhi accha marksheet laaya hai"  

Yes Boss:
In the song Main koi Aisa Geet...listen to that line..."Ya main karun..tumse raja se rani milenge kahan kahan"

I guess, the expressions on his face say it all.

Amir Khan was so brilliant in this movie. ACP Ajay Singh Rathod.
ACP: Kyu Thakur tereko kitni baar bulaaya tu aata nahi hai
Thakur: kon hai be tu
ACP: pehchaana nahi...

or the blasting he gives his team after their goofup at the traffic junction.

Amir: do minute main kya ho sakta hai...tumhara transfer ho sakta hai...aur aisi jagah jahan paan to kya...paani tak bhi naseeb na ho!!

I believe, Amitabh and Rekha in this movie were the best on-screen pair(maybe offscreen too, at that time). The screen sizzles everytime their eyes meet. Although I do not remember much about the movie, the scene where they meet in some exhibition is top class.

The 25 paise ka paani lelo...25paise ka paani lelo...scene
It haunted me during my entire Bengal trip.

Andaz Apna Apna:
I'll write a separate blog on this movie later.


History alters itself at Chennai

4th innings!
Sachin 103*
India chasing down 387...

Its like a dream come true...
I remember having long discussions with Sunny/Amit/Damle/Amrish during our Bhavans days arguing over Sachin's 4th innings connundrum.  Infact, it was in Chennai in '99 when Sachin scored 136 but failed to reach past the finish line. 

Year: 1999
Venue: Kalra Shukla Classes

It was a Sunday afternoon 12th standard exam test series. In another part of the country, India were chasing 278 against Pakistan. 
When I left for the exam, India were tottering at 86/5 and the match well beyond our grip. The exam started at 2 pm. India took tea then at a respectable 200/5.
I was blundering with Trigonometry...sin,cos,tan ka bhel puri, when I saw one of the inviligators pressing his ear to the transistor. The moment he came near my table I called out for him
Me:" Score kya hai?"
Invigilator: Shhh
Me: Yaar...bol na..
Inviligator: (looking around)... 245/6
Me: Waaaw!! Sachin haii?
Invigilator: Yes...Shhh

I was loud enough for Amrish to forget about the boring theta family. 
Amrish: Kya hua?
Atul: Abey...India needs only 26 more runs!

For the next 5 minutes, both of us forgot we had a stupid test at hand...and were busy imagining the scenes at Chepauk stadium, with every passing moment.

The invigilator kept us updated...
Invigilator: 248/6
Invigilator: 250/6
Invigilator: 252/6

Suddenly, there was commotion...the invigilators started running out of the hall...They didnt speak much...and stood still.After ten minutes, I cudnt control my excitement and called the invigilator...
Me: Yaar...kya hua match ka
Invigilator: India LOST!!!

I was stunned!!! 

9 years later, Sachin has exorcized the ghosts.An amazing day for India, cricket has finally bought a cheer on faces, who were shattered after the 26/11 mayhem. 


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