2 Kartiks played teen patti...both lost

Two exciting flicks hit the multiplex last week... The talented although overrated Farhan Akhtar's KCK and another Big B apriori experiment Teen Patti. For some reason there was hardly any buzz about them...Sachin's 200! hogging the limelight first and the adrenalin pumping Ind-Pak hockey match.

Neways, like a mandatory assignment I finished both the movies, with a late remark on my blogsheet...
Waise koi compulsory nahi hai review likhna...but then...I just cant write anything else...

So first, Teen Patti...Directed by Leena Yadav, one of the few woman directors the country can talk about...she had previously directed the Sanjay Dutt-Ash starrer "Shabd". Infact, Shabd is one of the reasons (apart from Big B's and Sir Ben Kingsley's presence) to catch this movie. Inspite of being a dud at the box office, Shabd had an interesting script which went wrong at the execution table.

Talking about the table, patte batt gaye hai...Big B is doing some calculations in his mind...


A: Probabilitiy of getting an ace
n(A) = 4
n(S) = 52
P(A) = n(A)/n(S) = 4/52 = 1/13

When my maths teacher taught me this way back in school, I fell in love with playing cards. Maths seems so simple, also encouraged one to play a game, which only the unemployed, the drivers, or rogues in trains would play.

Lecture 2: The maths teacher opened up permutations and combinations...and my world came crashing down.
Woh wo din tha aur aaj ka din hai... I avoid permutations and combinations very much the same way like one without a driving licence would avoid a traffic cop.

Back to the teen patti table...The movie starts with a conversation between Big B and Sir Ben, horribly dubbed in Hindi, when the two characters are talking in English. They cud have easily provided Hindi subtitles instead of killing the joy of watching two mastreos on screen. Big B is a whacky mathematics professor at BITS Pilani, who accidently comes up with a technique of mastering playing cards using probability of course. Now, in order to carry out a reality experiment, he forms a team of students and fellow professor (Madhavan).

Their first exposure to underworld dens' is chilling and danger prone, yet successful. This lures them to venture on similar missions and win money...and then money wins over..Greed starts talking and a simple experiment becomes a life threatening journey.

However the movie, which again looks pretty solid on paper, goes for a toss in its execution. Barring Big B, no one even comes close to winning the audience sympathy. The young brigade of the movie (barring the rich guy) deserve a F grade for this performance and should go back to FTII for another year.

Madhavan! absymal performance...He is totally confused... he hangs out with his students all the time. I think he mistook 3 Patti for 3 Idiots. The only reason I stayed till the end was completely out of respect for Mr. Bacchan.

Rating: 1.5/5

About KCK!

A movie which starts as the typical romcom- popcorn entertainer and changes color into a psycho thriller definitely stirs you for a brief moment.

Applause Moments: Watching Deepika, whenever she comes on screen... The daaru party sequence! "Safe Boy" was pretty good. And yes, the haunting phone call.

Disappointers:  Farhan Akhtar...was a little irritating...the movie is only about him, him and only him. Others are all reduced to caricatures. And his voice! Plus, the screenplay fizzles out in long one liners... how can Farhan who cant open his mouth in front of Deepika suddenly come up with witty one liners (some of them are pretty banal though).A clear inconsistency in  the character buildup of Farhan Akhtar.

But, the way the director steers his ship towards a logical conclusion helps in winning back the audience. Only this much for now...  

KCK: 2.5/5 


neha2go said...

all you managed with this combined review is confuse me completely :D
Not interested in watching any of the 2 in the near future.
My list is growing drastically and have to catch a number of Oscar and FF biggies...


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