Pale Blue: 2.5/5

Diwali releases have always been the talking point throughout the year. It signals the clash of 2/3 big movies and controversies surround. Recent ones include Mohabbatein and Mission Kashmir (2000), Don and Jaane-mann(2006) , OSO and Saawaria(2007). This year, although the big guns Amir and SRK are not in the reckoning its a clash between an unusual collection of movies. Adventure attempted BLUE to the laugh if you can ALL D BEST and the romance quotient of KHANNA parivar.

I cant watch all 3 on Friday, so started with Blue. Primarily because of my friends... I wud have preferred a comic relief (esp. after Ajay DevGN mentioned in the TOI article that his dad was laughing throughout the movie). Ive laughed at that statement several times :D

So, to begin with Blue…
Plot 1 :

Akki is a rich businessman who signs (documents), sleeps and sails…and ya sings too! Sanjay Dutt (who knows the oceanwaters like the back of his hand!) works for him, but they share an unusual friendship. Lara Dutta wears hot bikinis and plays around with Sanju baba! While Zayed Khan (Sanjus young bro) is still reeling under the Main hoon Na hangover. He believes that Katrina is his girlfriend throughout the movie!! Imagine

Plot 2:
All of this camaraderie is simmering over the waters of the “Lady in Blue” -(a British ship carrying Indian treasure which sunk somewhere in the Bahamas way back in 1947).

Plot 3:
Baddie Rahul Dev has a screen name (Gulshan- cudnt have been worse)…is after Zayed’s life for repayment of $50 million.

All add 3 together and it becomes BLUE!

The movie has loads of attitude! I think they took Himesh’s Radio song too seriously.
Amazing cinematography and camera work…The under water shoots are pretty well done for Bollywood standards.

Really liked the scene where Akki and Sanju are having daaru sitting on a plank with the ocean in full view and the entire shot is msytic black and white.

No emotions!
There are a lot of moments where a little bit of emotion would have uplifted the movie.
Music is a big let down. The entire bike sequence with the Bike on top of a train...and bike on the tracks!! Wat were they thinking! Also, there is a (husband wife conversation going on) during a so called serious shootout.


Akki rocks…Sanju is a little distracted and looks 50+ for the first time, Lara sizzles while Zayed…should take lessons from Jiju soon.

Blue begins the Diwali weekend for me!


Batty said...

Beginning to get bored of reviews now... am sure there is a lot more excitement to your life that you want to share with our readers.. don't you?

Unknown said...

Nice review atlee.....d prob wth Blue was d "Hype" associated wth it....its an avg movie & cld hav bn bttr had thy invstd lesser on style n more on script.......Lara was gr8 n 1st time i felt ths she was Ms universe :)


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