Mumbai Meri Jaan: (4/5)

Date:11th July 2006.
The camera sits on the railway track with the speeding trains passing by...WHAAAAMMMMMM!!! There goes one bomb! WHAAAMMMMM!! Another....Computerized imagery throwing people haywire,some hitting the poles, some crushed under the train. The camera zooms towards the electric pole with the kilometer sign showing 7/11. I felt like giving a standing ovation for that one shot! Well, what is this movie all about...other than the train blasts of 2006. Its about the fear! Its about the suspicion that arises between communities...and above all, for the first time, a movie maker captures ...what is time and again referred to as the "SPIRIT" of Mumbai.

So you have an unemployed youth (KK), an executive (Madhavan), a coffee wala (Irffan), a police constable (Paresh Rawal) and a news reporter (Soha Ali Khan), who have suffered directly or indirectly from the blasts. Each one reacts in a different way in the aftermath of the blasts. KK starts getting suspicious of Muslims around him to the point of being called a hardliner. Catch him say the line when a Muslim guy sings a Mohd. Rafi song: " Yeh log Kishore Kumar ko kabhi nahi sunenge"! Madhavan, a patriotic corporate, who has turned many lucrative offers down. is so scared after the blasts, that he is thinking of shifting base to USA.Soha Ali Khan, the news reporter, becomes the victim of the many "breaking news" bytes she has provided her TV channel. Irffan Khan, takes his frustration at a completely different level, trying to spread terror across the city through hoax calls.

But, what takes the movie to an altogether new level is Paresh Rawal. He is the face of the real Mumbai police force. Not the dashing Amitabh who solves cases. Not the stylish Sunny Deol or Akshay Kumar who have seen in movies before. He is just another helpless man, with no accomplishments or deeds. He acts as the sutradhar of the movie and also provides the punchline solution for Hindu -Muslim unity. It would go down as one of the best dialogues for the year.

Great performances by the cast. Everyone stands out tall in his /her part. Infact, even the unheard constable colleague of Paresh Rawal creates a stirring impact. A great effort by Nishikant Kamat! Full marks for trying to spread a message of peace and harmony between two communities who are always waging a small battle against one another.

Atlee Rating: ****


Anonymous said...

Fianlly a movie that has broken the shackles and even impressed the hard to please atlee...and Im sure the writer was not baised given that he is a kannidiga turned mumbaiaite :P

Dude .... with all due respect to your opinions , the movie Sucked Big time .... except Madhavan and Soha Ali the other characters had nothing to do with the blast ... paresh rawal , KK and what was Irfan doing , it was more about some of the lives that people live daily in Bombay aka poor chai wala who thinks life is unfair , a corrupt cop who cannot fight the system thus joins in and a stereotyped unemployed youth ..

the characters were developed fine but they had no business in a movie based around the train blasts ... or maybe its because i had high expectations after seeing Black Friday which was more of a true account than a fictional piece MMJ

Unknown said...

It was truly an exceptional movie!!
Nishikant kamat delivered a master piece specially after the whole lot of expectations after Dombivali Fast.
And i disagree with Sunny!
Ofcourse all the characters have been rightly related to the bomb blasts!
May it be Irfan Khan capitalizing of the fear factor created by the BLASTS to take his revenge against the society or KK who is an ideal example of the stranded youth of the country, capitalizing on his hatred for the community!

Hemanth said...

The first 4 * on your blog I guess.

The movie deserves it. Checked it out 2 days back.

The best part was the way different perspectives are presented around the blasts. The movie was more about the aftermath and the fear that people are left, with rather than the blasts themselves. One of the good movies in recent times.

Btw check out WallE. Amazing movie.

I guess I am watching more movies than you these days :D

Vishal said...

Being a mumbaiite, i guess it manages to show the real mumbai to a great extent. And yes the movie was not about the blasts, it was bout how these blasts affected the lives of these 5 characters. So i guess thumbs up from my side

Shikha Lal said...

I love the description of the hotels... hahah... we have our very own Ruskin Bond of Bengal happening here... by the way are these ITC Hotels ;) ???

Anonymous said...

I would rather compliment the way you blog....

So i can't comment...


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