Iktaara nahi teenTaara

Sid is asked..."tumhaara future ka kya plans hai" (reference Lakshya)
Sid alongwith his friends at the farewell party (reference Dil Chahta Hai)
Sid patches up with bachpan ka dost after an arguement (again DCH)
Sid's argument with his Dad (Again Lakshya)
or his live-in with Konkana...a little bit of Luck by Chance.
So, whats new in Wake Up Sid!

It doesnt matter actually...coz the movie is about chote chote moments...
Like Sid telling his Mom not to speak in English...
Or his mom telling him..she speaks in english so that her son will consider her as his friend!
very touching!
Or the light hearted Bapat family..and the hot hot Sonia (kashmira Shah).

There is nothing over the top in the movie. Everything is in snyc with the script...the cinematography depicts the Mumbai we all know...(the nariman point, bandra worli sea link). I wish they wud have explored other aspects of Mumbai as well.

The music is typical Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The title track, Kya Kahoon both seem like a mix of DCH, Lakshaya and some of their old hits. However, the song that takes the cake is Iktaara (I think composed by Amit Trivedi, need to confirm this).
The cast: Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak as the parents add valuable support to the youngsters in the movie. Sid's friends are pretty cool and eye-catching. Some good moments of the movie come in their presence, reminding about those college days.
Konkona Sen a bit bland. I felt the role would have been perfect for maybe...Chitrangada Singh or a younger Tabu :)
Ranbir is the hero...He is lively throughout the movie and speaks through his eyes. After Sawaria and bachna Aye haseeno, Ranvir has finally shown his full potential on the big screen.

Director Ayan Mukherji has rehashed a whole lot of Dil Chahta Hai/lakshya/Luck By Chance and this concoction is the final product of Wake Up Sid. But its still worth watching for the sheer emotional bonding between Sid and his parents.

A good bollywood movie is all about a little laughter, a little sadness, some nice songs, thoda emotions, thoda romance and thoda action.
This one has almost all of it in equal measure. I came out smiling after watching Wake UP Sid...I give it a Thumbs UP!


Batty said...

acha hai....acha hai... dekhta hai apun....

good review atul ... i somehow knew you would catch sid before do knot .. well at least u came out smiling (would be better if you were laughing) and thats wat watching movies/tv serials is all about

want to catch this movie called "paranormal activity" lekin nationwide release hi nahi hia, its an indie film ..and the closest theatre thats playing the movie is in New York .. so will c what happens

Ro said...

Good review... Ill watch this weekend.

Ritu said...

nice one...gotto watch it...BTW...Ranvir/ Ranbir? but then...tomAto/tOmato ki farq painda hai? :D

chimera said...

Atlee, you have a talent there.

Relived the movie while reading your blog.
Infact your blog is like an 'Awakening for all the crtitiques'.

Will look forward to more reviews.

amit s said...

Atul...nice review!

Many college passouts would identify themselves with this movie! Laskshya looks thoda impossible. DCH has Amir.

Anonymous said...

1st half was average, movie took off 2nd half. Loved the cartoon T shirts which kept me guessing if all those years in front of cartoon network had paid off! Good movie, konkana is ugly enough to make sure u dont get distracted from the movies message lol

Anonymous said...
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neha2go said...

Hey..i loved tis movie....and The best part was after nearly a two year draggggg...we agreed about a flick...I love life!!!


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