Chapter 6: Jaane bhi do yaaron

Welcome to season 2 of the Engineering Series:-
Starring: Nimit, Andy, Sid and Atul
Recap: 4 Engg friends got together to make the best IT software on earth. They meddled with Duckworth lewis, made a terrible presentation to their client,
had a gala time coding at each other's place. However, accidents and calamities later, they realized their software skills can take them only to the passing marks of the project curriculum.

So, project deadline was a month away! The library management website that we were supposed to come out with was going through final touches "look n feel" as they say in the s/w world.
We were looking for some new homepage designs for our website.

Nimit:     These are the links that should appear on the homepage.

Andy:    Ekdum ka feel aana chahiye.

Nimit and Andy took us through that process of clicks and browse windows. Sid and I were waiting to pounce on any error in the page. However, one click and the page gave the 404! page not found error.
Atul:     Nimit, kya karta hai be! Yeh kya hai, tera planning hi galat hai!

Nimit:     Aisa hai na…ab tu kar. Aaja! Dekhta hun ek line bhi theek se likh sakta hai kya tu.

Atul:     arre, tu to naaraaz ho gaya, main to mazaak kar raha tha mere bhai.

Nimit (still angry! pointing towards Sid and Atlee): abbey tum log kuch kaam karoge

Sid:     aaa be…apun karega na…tu bus bol kya karna hai…kyu be Atul…

Atul:     kyaa…haa haa…

Nimit:    finish the homepage designs. It's the simplest of all tasks!

Atul:     yaar Nimit, tu bole to humlog woh email functionality bhi tere table pe rakh deknge

Nimit felt like Paresh Rawal of Andaz Apna Apna (Do line ka code nahi likh sakte hai yeh, aur itna bada email functionality karenge! Yeh kaise kaise khajur paal rakhe hai tune teja!) Sid:     pakka re! 2 minute ka kaam hai woh…par…arre yaar.. par abhi late ho gaya hai…7 bajj gaya…mereko swaminarayan jaana hai. Aur train main rush bhi hoga! Tu to jaanta hai , I stay in Vasai.

Andy:     shuru hogaya iska bahana!

Sid:     sachhi yaar, aaj Monday hai na. You know where I am every Monday!

Andy:     pichle Monday ko almost jail main tha! (due to a "raada" between local Vasai goons!)

Sid:     arre wo to social service tha re…par Nimit, pakka kal main aur Atul mere ghar pe sab kaam karenge.

Atul:     yes Nimit, apan kar lenge.

Nimit:     waise bhi mere gahr pe kal mehmaan aa rahe hai, so I will not be able to come for the next 2 days. But you guys please finish that part.

Atul:     pakka Nimit, Andy tu bhi chal na…

Andy cannot say no! He agreed immediately. The next day, we settled down at Sid's place.
With his parents out on vacation, this was going to be fun.
Atul:     pehle email ka kaam karte hai, uske baad wo kya hai…design dekhte hai

Sid:     abbey email wala kaam difficult hai yaar…apne se nahi hoga

Andy:    who code apan Gaurav Shah se likhwaate hai, scholar hai who apne class ka

Sid:    arre Shah is baar bhi top kiya na!

Andy:    haan saala…uske wajah se aaj bhi mereko ghar pe gaali milta hai. Shah ko 90/100 mila, tereko 85!
I can take criticism, but i cannot take drawing parallels from someone else's life

Sid:    Abey Andy, itna angrezi!

Andy:    (visibly upset) school main humesha 3rd aaya main, Std 1 to X tak! Har baar gahrpe sunaaya, usko 20/20, tereko 19/20!

Atul:    haha, main bhi life main sirf ek baar first aaya, who bhi kyunki actual topper ka hand fracture hua aur who exam nahi likha

Andy:    yeh tu hazaar baar bol chuka hai!!

Sid:    Atul, tu repeat mat kar be! Sun sun ke pakk chukka hun

Atul:    acha theek hai theek hai, kaam karte hain abhi. Email functionality…

Andy:     Ya, I was saying let Nimit do it. Woh hi accha karega, usko bolte hai apan ne try kiya par error aaya…kuch error ka naam bol

Sid:     null pointer exception


Andy:     to designs dekhte hai new button ke liye

Sid:     arre uspe maine mast research kiya kal…I saw 5 -6 websites and this was the best design. I have downloaded the same. Let me show you!

Sid added the design change into our code and showed it to us!

Andy:     abeey! Yeh design dekha hua hai…copy hai yeh…pakka

Atul:     haan re, same to same color…abbey yeh to se uthaaya hai!! (Desibaba was the famous Indian porn site at that time).

Andy:     Sid, besharam! Tu kabhi nahi sudhrega na

Sid:     arre par, kya mast dikh raha hai be…dekh…the thumb is blinking!

It was around 5pm…We had to work on the email thing! Andy was really geared up to work, and his enthusiasm translated into us also. However at 515 pm, the doorbell rang! It was Sid's cousin Saahil. He was just relaxing in the same room and giving us some expert advice as well on the email function. We decided to take a small break at 530pm. Sid had gone to get some snacks; Atul was over the phone…while Andy was generally browsing the desktop for some songs.

Andy:     ABEY….tere paas Brian LARA 1999 cricket hai!! Waaw!

Atul:     arre sahi! Sid ne bola nahi uske paas BC Lara hai

Andy:     yaar, mereko yeh game sahi lagta hai ekdum

Atul:     I have never played this yaar…lets play for 5-10 mins.

Sid came home with some samosas and dhoklas.

Sid:    Abey…Lara khel raha hai..

Atul:     seekh raha hun re…

Sid:     arre usme ek mast option hai…real time games ka, you can select a real life match and play that game

Atul:     samjha nahi

Sid:     I'll show you…See this one…It's an ODI between Pak and SRL, remember the one in which Afridi scored the fastest 100! So, Pak have scored 371 in 50 overs. And we are SriLanka and we have to chase it.
Atul:     wow! Will that be fun or what!

Andy:     chal try karte hai

Sid:     abbey par hum 3 log hain!

Saahil:     teen nahi…chaar

Sid:     oh yes… So, 4 of us, each of us is one batsman. If you get out, the next guy comes in.

Sid was Jayasurya, I was Kalu, Andy became Aravinda while Saahil donned the role of Ranatunga with the rest to follow.
Atul:    awesome!

It was almost 6 pm when we started, by 9pm, the closest we scored was 200 all out! Sid decided to order for dinner.
Sid: Yeh hotel ka Kofta mast hai! Mangaun?

Atul: kuch bhi chalega, Andy new match khelte hai, we are anyways 145/7. Quit kar!

Sid ordered the kofta thingy. Minutes later…At the dinner table
Andy: Abey yeh kya sabzi hai!

Sid: ananas ka kofta

ANANAS!! Trust me! It was the worst gravy I have ever had!
Post dinner! The match continued! The next time I saw the time, it was 2 am! This time, all of us were totally into the game and playing well also except me. The highest I scored was 25 runs. This time Sid and Andy did the running .The score was 300/5 in 42 overs.

Sid:     Is baar jeetenge pakka…

Andy:     haan…

It was 3am! And suddenly, the power went off in Vasai.

Andy:     abbey @#$$%^%

Sid:     oh no!

Andy:     saala tera Vasai! Bakwas jagah hai…yeh time pe bhi light chala gaya!

I guess, it was an indication to go to sleep. We woke up the next day at around 9am…Again continued the game till about 2 pm in the afternoon. We improved our chase, going down 348 allout!
Finally, after a full 24 hrs, after having failed to win the battle, we decided to go home.

(The next day)
Nimit:     So, I hope you guys have worked on the email functionality

 Closing Credits: Maximum inputs from Andy


anDY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anDY said...

excellent article.
However, I think that more than 80% of this article is my brain-child and my jokes. Also, you did not keep your promise and credited me at the beginning. All you did was add my name at the end in fontSize:4. Cheap publicity.

Sid said...

sala...mere Cousin ka naam pooch liya hota mujse...Uska naam KAUSHAL hai ..........Aur DEsiBAba wala Nimit ne banaya tha....saala main toh backend coder tha.......DBA ...bhul gaya

anDY said...

arre siddhu, main bola vaakdya ko ki cousin ka naam kaushal hai...woh fir bhi galat naam daala

Unknown said...

hahhaa LOL... is hilarious..Sid i didn't copy desibaba's design.
I loved the way shah baba was pulled into this.

Hats off to Atul for remembering all this.

Rituja said...

it was awsome...
reading about you 4...
it actually reminded me of my engg days...
ofcourse the cricket is to be replaced by sleeping and gossips

atlee said...

@Andy: As oer our agreed upon contract, you have been given closing credits

@Sid: it suits ur character :P
@Nimit: Next time pakka, u will not be projected as the geek

@Rituja: hey, thanks...


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