Assorted Twitter moments of the weekend

Drove Sougat's Ford 4am...on a happy high note...
Felt my stomach churning in the morning when I read about the high profile mowing down of 4 innocent people by that lady.

Prithvi theatre ki chai/coffee and the gurukul like effect the place has on you...With scripts all around you, there is so much creativity in the air. Love that place

Saw Omkaara look-alike Ishqiya over the weekend. Movie was theek hi thaak...Warsi-Vidya chemisty sizzled while the movie fizzled out of my mind.

Went to that huge Palladium Mall in Pheonix Mills. And cudnt control my shock when I saw an Armani shirt with a price tag of Rs.23000/-!!! I seriously thought of hitting the trial room for a once in a lifetime moment.

Found out that my vocal chords are still alive and kicking...Lively jamming session at Jajoo's friends home.

All in all 7 pegs, and 2 buffets later, I have decided to have a health conscious next week.


neha2go said...


Loved everything you did this weekend...Enjoy the next few days in Mumbai..and yeah please go on a much needed detox :D
My favourite part was the Jam session. I am inspired to have one here :)

Anonymous said...

i am alive inspite u drove the car
hey, Jeoleous
U guys enjoyed after we left :)
Chating about college,bunking ,events and felling in exams ...
Mitu bhai's awesome gyan(he ll kill me :P )
hope to get such weekends throughout our lifespan .
AAmin ...


atlee said...

@Niki: Yeah...esp if ur group has a guitarist then to nikal padi

@Lime: arre yeh sab 5 alag alag group ke saath kiya re

Ritu said...



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