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Reading Shantaram lately...
Didnt know that small things in life can be explained so romantically.
Totally in love with the Karla chick...

Anyways the slow coach that I am...I think I will finish the book only by new years...and that too is an optimistic estimate.

Read a couple of books in the last quarter on Mahatma Gandhi.
Freedom at Midnight and "The Men who Killed Gandhi". Realised how the same person can be potrayed so differently by different authors based on their interpretation of history.
But Freedom at Midnight was a delightful read. The enigma of The Mahatma!, how he single handedly could change the course of the British establishment, or even bring calm to the rioting Hindu-Muslim mobs is an eye opener. Also, the entire set of events leading to the partition.

A must read for any person who liked the History subject back in school.

Took a car ride to the two bridges of Kolkata at midnight...
Although its no comparison to the drive past Marine Drive in Mumbai...but there is something about Kolkata which is enticing. The city came to life in the 4 days of Durga Pooja and subsequent Kali pooja. Stalls everywhere...pandals in the middle of mainroads and people all over the streets. If the people had been energetic all year long..Kolkata would give Mumbai a run for her money.

Next month is gonna be a month full of travel and touring...
Patna/Guwahati/ I come. Its been a long time since the Bengal tours. Hope to have a good time exploring new places.


Ritu said... fav! plz dnt target new years...m so sure you'll eventually end up in the next qtr then! finish it fast...for Karla at least! One of the most beautifully defined characters!

Me yet to catch up with Freedom at Midnight...

enticing...Kolkata...huh! duh!

Anonymous said...

u read this u like it. its best in article.

Anonymous said...

Hey Atul

loved Shantaram too, glad you liked too. We should start a internet book club and share our thoughts on books? maybe too much of a stretch.

Cany agree with you more about Cal and yes it will always be Cal for me. It sbetter if you are on a motor bike and u see the the boats gently boping on the river.



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