Singh is KING choddo...KAT is HOT

Sunny Deol will feel the tremors after this movie. His USP of being the Sikh hero has taken a beating. Akki , the super cool hero of todays times, has pulled a stunner, branded the "Sikh" man, reinvented buffoonery and yet managed to carry the proceedings on his shoulders.
The director however expected a lot from Akki. Take him out of the equation, and the movie has nothing else to offer.

The movie starts with a Don hangover, SRK imitated by a wooden Sonu Sood , an Indian sardarji who migrates from Punjab to Australia and has turned into an underworld gangster. He is rechristened as KING and has a battery of sardarjis as his henchmen.
"Don ko to gyaara mulko ki pulice dhoond rahi hai...par is KING ko to aise gyaara don dhoond rahe hai".
Cut 2 rural India.
We are introduced to desi Punjab, a loafer sardar Happy Singh (Akshay Kumar) creating nuisance in his village. Running around girls, bullying the groom in the marriage or breaking TV sets. After a few unnecessary reels, he is sent to Australia to get the KING back to Punjab. Om Puri, miscast as his good friend joins him. They end up reaching Egypt due to a confusion and the screen is suddenly lit by the sexy Katrina. She not only looks ravishing, but also makes a dcent effort to act. Or maybe, I was so smitten by her, that I can't criticize her performance. Dont ask what she is doing there. Oh yes, supposedly studying law.

Then our Happy Singh manages to reach Australia. Akki tries to persuade KING to come back, gets into a brawl and ends up becoming the KING. This sequence is the only time in the movie when you laugh out loud. In between our Happy Singh also finds a muu boli maa in Kiron kher, whose asli daugher is "believe it or not" Katrina!! The rest of the movie is a big downer with a love triangle to add to the woes of the public.

As far as the positives...
Pritam's music is clearly one of the high points of the movie. Ek Vaari and teri oor the winners.
Acting department- Kiroon Kher is ok, Om Puri dissapoints yet again after mere baap pehle aap. Katrina ..Katrina...Katrina..katrina...super kool....Among the other sardars, watch out for javed Jaffrey.
But, what is this film without Akki. Super cool Sardar, tries his best to make you laugh, but thanks to the inept screenplay and dialogues, Singh is King ends up in the bracket of "could be better". The stars mainly for Katrina's looks and Akki's act.

Atlee Rating: **


dude .. did not read ur entire review , cant get myself to read the story line , but with aneez bazmee, akshay and the ravishing "ur bhabhi" Katrina you cant go wrong with the movie ..

will prob catch it tomorrow , waiting for "god tussi great ho" next week . salman and amitabh togerther in a "feel good, funny and entertaining"
film .... this movie would rock

Batty said...

Total Bakwaas thi picture...I would give both the stars that you rated to Katrina...she isnt sooper kewl..she is super HOT....

and lets not discuss about "both of ur bhabhi"...she'll feel bad..thoda sharm karo....

Stumbled across your blog, cannot bring myself to read the review, I don't want to come across any spoilers!!!!!!!! ('Cuz there are oh-so-many-twists in hindi movies)
Can't wait to watch the movie, but I'm guessing from what 'Batty' said that it'll be one of thoe movies where I should go expecting the least & take all my friends along to just chill and have a good time :) Can't wait till next weekend when I go see it!!!!!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Every movie Im with u, it gets a bad rating..?! :P
Quid-pro-Quid now ;P


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